Film shot at Balls Park in late 2007 showing the College immediately after the 1960's buildings were demolished.

Be prepared to shed a tear!

  Film Credit:- 'BallsParkUniStudent'

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Foyle's War pictures ( Parts of the ITV series "Foyle's War" were filmed at BP during 2004) can be seen on the Foyle's War Page. Click the following link:-

Foyle's War picture page

The 2003 'Final' Reunion

See Reunion 2003 page for report & photographs

The 2003 Reunion

The Date has been finalised as Saturday 21st June 2003.....Mike Cole & Kev Hooper have joined the reunion committee, more details to follow ( 15 March 2003)

News regarding the 2003 Reunion

As I have received a number of emails regarding what is happening regarding the final reunion before Balls Park closes, I contacted the organising Committee for the latest update.
The reunion committee are negotiating with the college at the moment with regard to the timing of the next Reunion. Basically as I understand it, the University are not now keen for an event to take place close to the end of the final term as had been previously discussed, as they now wish to close the college as soon as the last student leaves and handover immediately to the new owners. Presumably they also have issues with staffing at this time. It had been hoped that a date in late June or July would have been possible. This is now uncertain until the result of the discussions are finalised. Easter or the Spring Bank Holiday are being put forward as alternatives, other suggestions are to hold the reunion in a series of large Marquees in the grounds, with outside caterers etc so as not to have to impinge on the College facilities. As soon as I hear something definate from the organising committee I will post it on this site.

Webmaster, 28th August 2002

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