The Final Reunion at Balls Park prior to the College Closure took place on:-

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Saturday 21st June 2003

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Photos taken by the professional photographers on the day
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If you missed the Final Reunion : PLEASE NOTE:-
No databases of old students survived the closure of the College in 1979.
This website was originally set up to locate past Students specifically for the final reunion
The website will now continue, and we will maintain the database for the future
In order to have received details of the Reunion you needed either to have attended the 2001
reunion and be on that list, or to have registered your full details on the database on this website, if not, we don't have a record of you or of your contact details!
If you have not registered and want to obtain details of any future events, or just to be able to
contact past friends please submit your details now.
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The Organising Committee was:-

 Kev Hooper: Organisation
 Rosemary Bethel: Treasurer
 Mike Cole: Communications
 Dave Cripps Entertainment
 Jim Bethel
 Ann Keen 
 Sheila Crossley