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The End of the Line?
Is this the end of the line
for the people of Balls Park
the old families of friends
leaving this station
at the end of the party
having one way tickets
to all parts of the compass
leaving this station
and never to return
Is this the end of the line?

Is this the end of the line?
We've come a long way
from our days here
we've come along way
being here today
but it's all going to end
a long line of learning
with a one way ticket
away from our past
for this is the end of the line.

This is the end of the line
we've kept returning to our past
to when our future was being forged
with our friends like our family
with the Doctor and his dog
with the trees and the tennis
and the lake reflecting life worth loving
but now this line is closing down
this is the end of the line.

Lifelines weaving through time
from points past to point present time
meet in their dozens one more time
bearing witness to our college calling time
reminiscing over the memorable times
that draw our minds back from time to time
weaving through time for the last time

Balls Park Secret, Balls Park Magic?
Balls Park Success, Balls Park Balls?
We all took something from Balls Park College...
Was it the place, the buildings, the Mansion,
the grounds, the lake, the walled garden
the Doctor, the dog, the deadlines, the dances,
the lecturers, the lectures, being late for lunch
the shortage of men, the superfluity of lovely ladies
the queuing for food, the snack bar snacking,
the singing, the Sangsters, the sounds in the summers,
the music, the meetings, the mounting work, the matron,
everyday people like nettle-eating Ray,
Multi-cultural Miss Shah and the foreign kitchen staff,
the Union, the issues, the burning importance
of being a student, studying studiously - steady!
The slobbery smooches, the sexy smile
'buckets' on the lawn, big break-ups of our lives,
The Plough, the parents - pigeon-holes of post,
The Barge, our bar, bottles and barrels
table football, tired feet
after TP, Taught and Pissed

We've taught and we've pissed and we're here again
we stand on the station with our one last ticket
stationed here together, trained, tracked, inspected
at the edge of the platform to all points of the compass
we and our absent friends, with our common past
past and present that bind us
never to be here again
never to meet here again
never forgetting
the Balls that bind us
the Park that pacified and inspired us
the College that contributed to us
Balls Park College
I salute you
Long Live Balls Park College

David Arkell  1971-74


Dave Arkell