This reunion was organised by Kev Hooper and took place on 21st October 1989. Over 200 students attended, mainly from '69 through to '76. Plus quite a few of the former lecturers including Dr Sangster and Miss Wild.

If you have any photos of this event that would be suitable for posting here, please let us know.

John & Maureen Sykes (nee Elvin), Kev Hooper
and Charlie Price
Dave Harris (centre) with Mike (DD) and Chris Cole (nee Wren)
Wendy Lowe, Hilary Storey, Gill Musson,
xxxxxxxx, Val West & baby, Corrinne Miles.
Angela Fry. Sarah Stansfield, Gill Morris, Sue Elwell
Ron Gayle, Graham Winn, Annette Evans
xxxxxxxxxxxx (Grahams wife, also at BP)
Lindsay Chick, Marie Smiles, Wanda Pawlitta, xxxxxxxx
Bee Gavaghan, Sue Ainslie, Jill Street   xxxxxxx, Clive Davidson, Hilary Main

xxxxxx, Wendy Hayward (nee Lowe), Tony Hayward, Linda xxx, xxxxx, xxxxx

Mike Plummer

Martin Jones

Carol Plowright, Geoff Sturgess, Carol Wood, Derek Leach.