Picture Uploads to the message board.


Unauthorised (non BP Message Board) users will have their images deleted immediately.

How to insert a picture into a message.
You will see that it is possible to insert an image into a message on our messageboard.
You do this by clicking the 'image' button under 'instant ubb code' when creating your reply.
This then prompts you to insert a URL to the location of your picture. This assumes that you already have the image ( .gif or .jpg) sitting out there in cyberspace, or have the ability to upload images to a server. This I suspect is not possible for most Ballsparkers unless they are using the webspace that may come with their ISP.
I have therefore set up a Photocentre where you can easily upload a picture for insertion in the board. If you go to:- http://www.ballspark.co.uk/upload you will find it.

To upload a photo, enter your name, your email address and submit. You will need to have the picture file resident in your hard drive or on a floppy disc. NOTE: you can only send .jpg & .gif files and these are limited to a maximum size of 150kb
Please try and keep the image sizes small, 450 x 200 pixels is a good size for a landscape picture and ideally less than 20 kb to ensure a reasonable download time.

To insert the file in the message board then use the following URL in the message board prompt:- http://www.ballspark.co.uk/upload/uploads/youremailaddress/imagename.xxx

youremailaddress is the one you entered when uploading the file. imagename is the filename you uploaded. eg; hamlet.jpg

 Click button to go to upload centre.