Local Pubs frequented by BallsParkers

"The Plough".

A favourite watering hole for students for many a year. Probably the nearest pub to the college, situated on the roundabout at the bottom of the hill. Landlord was 'Dennis. Demolished some time ago to make way for development.

"The Barge"

A nice little pub tucked away behind the town on the river. Scene of rag week "lets drink a pub dry" events. One nameless student used to scare the barmaid by catching crayfish in the river and putting them in his beer glass.


"Salisbury Arms"

Definately too expensive for students, even if they let you in!   The place to go for Sunday lunch when parents came to visit and you wanted to avoid the embarrassment of taking them to the dining hall.

"The Woolpack"

McMullens flagship pub, on Millbridge in the centre of town. Still does great pubgrub.


"The 3 Blackbirds"

Not the 3 Blackbirds any more, it has been plucked!


"John of Gaunt"

Now called "ELBERT WARLINGS" and caters for those just able to legally drink. Oh well I suppose nothing changes.

Which pub did you frequent?, let us know and we will try to include it here.