The Social Scene

Balls were held each term at the College. The Winter Ball, May Ball and Going Down Ball. In addition, disco's, dances and concerts were a regular feature of Balls Park Life. Balls Park was always able to spot talent and on 14th November 1970 a support band at the Winter Ball booked in the name of "Smile" turned up and said that following their performance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool a couple of weeks previously they had decided to change their name to "Queen". And so Freddie Mercury and his band gave their first gig as "Queen" at Balls Park!. Other first timers were Leo Sayer who performed for the sum of £15 (the author still has the original booking form) and a folk singer called Bob Davies who later found fame as "Jasper Carrott".

Artists performing at Balls Park included:- Manfred Mann, Sutherland Brothers, Quiver, Queen, Black Widow, Stackridge, Caravan, Brinsley Schwartz, The Barrow Poets, Renaissance, Be-Bop Deluxe, Mud, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Colin Blunstone, Freddie Mac, Vinegar Joe, Elkie Brooks, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Babe Ruth, Philip Goodhand-Tait, The Heavy Metal Kids, Gordon Giltrap, Leo Sayer, The Pretty Things, Horslips, and Squeeze.

The Heavy Metal Kids (with Gary Holton, later to be 'Wayne' in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) at Balls Park.

Roger "Twiggy" Day from Radio Caroline was the DJ most weeks for many years as was "The One Step Beyond Show" run by Mike Atherton, Mike Cole "DD", and Peter Wearne from 1969 to 1974. A band formed by college students from 69/70: "Full Frontal Nudity" is still gigging 30 years on.

Roger "Twiggy" Day..

The Thinner Record Spinner, ex Radio Caroline and Radio North Sea International

'Mangrove 490' - great telephone number! Advert in 'Melody Maker' 1975

Disco's were held in the Student Common Room every weekend when no other function was on:-

Photo 1974

For real Nostalgia fans: Listen to the music of the '70's

Rag Week

Rag Week, always in aid of some charity or other, enabled students to do crazy things, print a book of awful jokes and run around the town like a load of loonies on Rag Day when the Rag procession went through the town.

It was organised by the Rag committee who press-ganged you into making things with coloured paper and sticky backed plastic either in anticipation of a career on Blue Peter or for future use in the classroom.


15 pints each! very non-pc!

                            l-r:- Elaine xxxx?, Gill Morris, Dave Harris, Howard Seymour, Kev Hooper, Ted Urpens

If any one has any further recollections (or photos) of social events or of other bands that played at the college please let us know.

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