GRAPEVINE was the weekly students newspaper founded in 1969 by Carol Walton and David Cripps. It was issued every Friday after College meeting and at times seemed to owe a lot to the style of Private Eye. Editors over the years also included:-Bob Staples, Mike Atherton, Pete Wearne, John Bedford-Smith and Gill Badrock, and of course 'Pariah' .

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Reunion 2003 NEWS
See the Reunion 2003 page for a full report

Reunion 2001 NEWS

A reunion was held at the College on June 23rd 2001 attended by about 300 old students, mainly from the early seventies, plus a number of staff ( including Dr Paul Sangster and Dorothy 'Dotty' Wild).

Mike Atherton was the DJ and 70's College Band "Full Frontal Nudity" rocked the night away.

Senor Garcia was reputed to have organised the catering arrangements, ensuring ample supplies of sausage rolls etc when all the tasty stuff ran out ( it was still alive?....ed)..

A good time was had by all, especially by those who rekindled their youth by staying overnight in the Hostels.

It was announced at the reunion, that the college had been sold by the University of Hertfordshire and would close in the Summer of 2003. A final reunion on the site was therefore proposed to take place in June or July of that year with as many old students as could be traced from the 32 years that the College was in operation.

This site has been created to start the task of building up a database of past students and staff, and may hopefully also provide a contact point for people after the College closes.                              (Posted 30th July 2001)



L-R Anita Chappell, Sue Butcher, Dave Wood, Ian Hope                                             Sue Elwell, Howard Seymour, John Sykes, Clive Davidson, Kev Hooper

The "One Step Beyond " Disco Show, L-r, Mike Atherton & Mike Cole (DD)

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In true 'Grapevine' fashion, to celebrate the festive season and mindful of the vast sums of money now being made by the cinematic creators of "Harry Potter" and "Lord of the Rings" We have commissioned a leading author to tell the tale of the dark goings on at Ballswartsandall College………

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