More Pics!


 l to r:-Back row   Anita Whitley ,?,?,Alan Hunt,?,. Front row:- ?,?

Who can supply the missing names?

That Hunt fella gets everywhere !

Who are the others?

Anita Whitley,?,?,Christine Glensman,?Alan Hunt


Jimjam party?

It's that man Hunt again!, Anita Whitley,?, Chris Glensman

Is this a rag stunt, or just normal Hertford yokel wear?



More strange attire!

This is either Hat Wearing Day or the Easter Bonnet Competition.



The Balls Academy of Dramatic Art (BADA)

Kathy Crowther,Trevor Collins,Rita Smith

The Romans are coming! or Infamy, Infamy, They 've got it in for me!

Balls CCTV

John Halocha films Mike Cole (DD) on location in Barkway (where?) for a forthcoming blockbuster of a 'Contemporary Studies' lecture. Chris the CCTV Techie is in the backgound. This was cutting edge stuff, VHS Video was still another 5 years away!


Stackridge. Blurry but evocative photos of Stackridge performing at Balls Park in Summer '74. Who remembers 'Dora the Female Explorer'? Plummer eat yer heart out!!!!