A Load of Old Balls!

New Hall 1971

Xmas Ball 1971, The lads present themselves for the camera.       l to r:-Back row   Barry Williamson, Ted Urpens Mark Dann, John Dunning, Gareth Swidenbank, Peter Luscombe. Front row:- Bob Keep, Kev Hooper, Roy Newman.

2B or not 2B

Revelry in room 2B in Mansion

Dave Harris, Bob Keep with an arm lock on Gill Morris and Howard Seymour


Summer Ball '75

Jenny Wiltshire and Diane Hordley



Flower Power!

Summer Ball 1975.

Lilian Simcox, Di Hordley and Martin Jones


1977 3-legs

This must be a Rag-day stunt!

Study Time!

Kev Hooper (again!) shows that his broken arm can hold a pint, Dave Toft consoles a very weary looking John Sykes. Must be Teaching Practice!


Students 1974

Back row:- Chris Hiscock, Julie Robertson, Kerry Solman

Front row:- Corrinne Davidson, Jill Street, Peter Thurgood.



More Students

Kev Hooper etc