New Front Entrance (NFE)

This picture was taken in about 1980 after the large tree in the centre of the courtyard had been removed.

New Balls !

These blocks were built in the late 1960's and contained tutorial rooms, lecture rooms and the student common room and bar. The white building on the left is the library.




Cottage with Ben's sunken Garden in the foregound, this dates from the late 17thC

At the time of the 2001 reunion it looked very neglected with the gates broken and rusted and very few plants inside.



Another view of Cottage. The small figure at the end of the path is Ted Ray who was the Head Porter for many years.


 Hostel Site

A room in Hostels (now known as " The Ashbourne Hostels" in about 1974. Note the Biba Poster on the wall.. The cupboard on the right concealed a small basin and wash area.

Happy Bunnies!

A study bedroom, possibly in Ashbourne House.

Celebrating the end of TP, photo taken around 1967.

Can anyone supply names?


Teaching Practice

Now and then students were let loose to practice on the little darlings.

Why did so many students drop out after this experience?

The Lake

Local schools were invited to bring a class along to the College by Frank Newton of the Biology dept to have a dip in the lake.

The fatality rate was quite low, all things considered!