Mansion at Xmas

Xmas dinner 1971

Bring your own bottle.

In this picture are: Annette Evans, Hooperman, Sue Elwell, Tessa Wisely, Janis Hallifax.Janet Dunmore, Lindsay Chick

Where are the paper hats!


Music Department

1970 Student band into heavy metal

Drama Dept

"The Devils"

College Production 1971

Geography Dept

Mr Carr-Gregg leads a party of students to view the South Mimms Bomb Craters. Roy Newman dives in to look for Shrapnel

In the photo are Peter Wearne John Blackburn, Ann Trethowen, John Halocha, Pat Birch, Mary Ireson and others June 1972

Stone Me!

Some of the Education lecturers were a bit rigid in their views!

Katie Thomson,Dave Wood Tony Marsden,Steve Day and Janis Hallifax posing with their tutor.

Feb 1972


Stone the Crows!

Gilli Childs, John Pretty and Dave Wood try out the latest child beating techniques on the Mansion Lawn.


The Long Walk

It could be quite a trek from Hostels to the College. Note the rush to lectures when this picture was taken.