This elegant Grade I listed house was built in 1637 on land that was originally part of the Hertford Priory attached to the Abbey of St Albans. Apart from some minor additions and alterations the house has remained virtually unchanged since 1641

(Mansion rear)


Viewed from the front



View of the front of the building taken from the West Wing.

At one time students lived in the attic!

West Wing

Used to house the bursers office and part of the Art Dept, (pottery etc) with student accomodation on the third floor.



Properly known as 'Bens Cottage' This C17 house was reputedly built for Ben, the eccentric son of the family that then owned Balls Park. Attached to the house is a sunken garden dating from the same period. Students wholived there were convinced that it was haunted.


A grand Edwardian house,converted to student accomodation. The path to the left of the picture is "the Twitchells" which led down to the town.

The house was recently sold by the University and is now luxury apartments



The Hostel Site in Mangrove Rd was built during the 1960's. Some units had staff quarters for lecturers who kept an eye on the inmates.These are Hostels C & D

Now known as the "Ashbourne Hostels)


Rules on visitors of the opposite sex were very strict, (although often broken) until the advent of  '"24 hour mixed visiting" in 1973. The college charged 50p a night for 'guests' who could stay a maximum of two nights at weekends only.


Ashbourne House

A women's hostel in Mangrove Rd The Hostel site was built in its grounds.

New Hall

This photo of the rear of Newhall is the best we can come up with so far.

The house was demolished about 15 years ago and the site is now a small development of executive houses

The fire escape was the scene of many a water fight!


Mangrove (rear)

 Now in a very sad state of  disrepair (2003)

White Lodge

Situated on the corner of the drive into the college and Mangrove Road, opposite the Hostels entrance., An ideal place to watch all the comings & goings!

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