1950 Year Photograph

Notes:- This Photograph has been sent in via email by Iris Horne, who was one of the first students at Balls Park. Iris now lives in Texas and keeps in touch with another ex Ballsparker who resides in Houston.

My maiden name was Iris White, Senior Student of 1950.

Staff were:-
Miss Wingate - principal
Miss Joachim - Vice Principal
Women Students only at that time.
Faculty included:
* Miss Finch - Education
Miss Carter - English
Miss Roy - Music
Miss East - Arts & Crafts
Mrs. Reed - Art
*Notorious for speeding in her car.

Our social life included hosting occasional dances, with the Christmas ball
being the big event of the year. DeHavilland and Haileybury gentlemen were

The gymnasium was built in our year, 1950.